LUNCH from 12.00   

Soup made of this morning's harvest from our fall vegetable garden, with truffle oil and served sourdough bread vegetarisch


Tartar of beetroot, marinated pickled herring, rosemary mayonnaise, a small green salad, served with rye bread baked by Mevrouw Molenaar ( Friesland )                


Parsnip, baked in garlic butter, with saffron cream cheese, dried fig, roasted buckwheat and served with rye crackers


Pearl barley with portobello mushroom, roasted walnuts, vegan feta cheese, hazelnut oil and arugula vegetarisch


Eggs Benedict (soft boiled eggs from our adopted chickens) with brioche bread, Béarnaise sauce butter lettuce and spinach            (suppl. Parmezan cheese 2.75 of smoked salmon 3.50)


Warm puff pastry filled with pumpkin, soft goats cheese* and chestnuts, served with a mixed salad


Matzes bread topped with a cream of cauliflower, roasted almonds, bacon, dates and a small green salad 


Our classic chicken liver pâté with a black berry frosting served with raisin-nut bread and a small green salad


Cream of smoked mackerel with flat parsley on sour dough toast and truffle mayonnaise





Lemon pie with meringue


Coconut pie with yogurt and rhubarb frostingvegan-icoon.png


Silky chocolate cake with rosmary and dates


Dutch butter cake with orange, lemon and walnuts 


Banana chocolate bread with a peanut vanilla cream cheese

 vegetarisch  these dishes are vegan   
* Product of Slow Food (good, clean, local and fair food) slowfood  

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Looking for a good lunch place? At 12.00 you are welcome at Gartine for a beautiful lunch.
For 14 years we change our menu every season.
Almost all the vegetables and fruits are from our kitchen garden or are bought organically.
Because we are depended on our garden we sometimes don’t have much of a vegetable sort or we have a huge amount! It’s what makes this work so enjoyable.
We also always serve products on our menu that’s under De Ark Van Smaak from Slow Food with a wide variety of special bread sorts.
We recommend you to make a reservation; otherwise you might have to wait to be seated.




From 11.00 you are welcome to enjoy a brunch at Gartine. Between 11.00 and 12.00 it is possible to choose meals from the breakfast menu as well as the lunch menu. Gartine is known for it’s special and innovative combinations. Enjoy our infamous Eggs Benedict or our daily changing vegetable garden soup with truffle oil. We recommend you to make a reservation to be sure of a spot, if not you might have to wait a while.