gartine Breakfast   

Croissant with homemade jam made of fruit from our garden and dairy butter   3.95
Soufflé of dark chocolate with thyme honey and raspberries   5.75
Thick yoghurt-mascarpone cream with vanilla and rhubarb compote  6.75
Pancakes served with blueberries, caramel syrup and toasted coconut  8.95
Sugar bread French toast served with maple syrup, roasted peccans and dairy butter  6.95
Banana chocolate bread with peanut and vanilla frosting  6.50
Eggs Benedict with soft boiled eggs (of our adopted chickens) ham and sauce béarnaise  10.50
Eggs Benedict with soft boiled eggs (of our adopted chickens), Parmesan cheese, spinach and sauce béarnaise   10.50
Eggs Benedict with soft boiled eggs (of our adopted chickens) with smoked salmon and sauce béarnaise   12.50
Scrambled eggs with fresh garden herbs served on sourdough toast and a green salad. ( supll. Bacon 2.5 )   8.75
French breakfast with a croissant, toast with dairy butter, savory toppings, soft boiled egg and homemade jam from the fruit of our garden   9.75
Toast and homemade jam   3.75
Soft boiled or fried egg   1.25
Bowl of warm dark chocolate   1.25
Rhubarb compote   1.95
Ham   2.50
Mature cheese   2.50
Bacon   2.50
Smoked salmon   3.00

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Delicious breakfast at Gartine


Our small breakfast and lunch restaurant is a hidden gem in the city centre of Amsterdam; in a small back alley of the Kalverstraat you can find one of the hotspots of Amsterdam for a great breakfast.
All ingredients of the breakfast menu are organic and the vegetables, fruits and herbs are from our own kitchen garden. This also explains our name Gartine, which means “garden”.
Enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch or an extensive brunch.
At Gartine we serve not your everyday dish, but original and extraordinary combinations.


According to our guests Gartine is one of those places you don’t mind to do a detour for.


Starting at 09.00 you are welcome for a delightful breakfast with one or more of our dishes on the menu. We have something for everyone. At Gartine you are welcome for a quick breakfast or an expanded brunch.
Gartine is a great place to escape the city bustle of Amsterdam and get surprised by the great combinations.
Sweet, savoury or a combination of both? What is better than start your day with all the great products from our kitchen garden, organic eggs and tasty sourdough bread? And afterwards you can go and explore the heart of Amsterdam and the beauty of the city!
We recommend making a reservation, or you might have to wait a little while to be seated.




From 11.00 you are welcome to enjoy a brunch at Gartine.
Between 11.00 and 12.00 it is possible to choose meals from the breakfast menu as well as the lunch menu.
Gartine is known for it’s special and innovative combinations.
Enjoy our infamous Eggs Benedict or our daily changing vegetable garden soup with truffle oil. We recommend you to make a reservation to be sure of a spot, if not you might have to wait a while.