HIGH TEA from 14.00

Only available per table  
Gartine's high tea savoury: p.p 17.95

Soup from our garden, two sandwiches with a savoury topping, savoury cake with a spread of dill cream cheese and black forest ham, quiche with ingredients from our garden and a pot of tea

Gartine's high tea classic: p.p 21.95

Quiche with ingredients from our garden, sandwich with a savory topping, choux pastry filled with a cream of Gouda cheese, piece of cake, cupcake with home-made jam and double cream and a pot of tea

Gartine's high tea large: p.p 23.50

Soup from our garden, choux pastry filled with smoked salmon , quiche from our garden, sandwich with a savory topping, two pieces of cake, cupcake, friandise and a pot of tea

Gartine's high tea luxury: p.p 25.50

Cocktail of lavender lemonade with home-made sorbet ice cream, soup from our garden, savory cake with dill cream cheese and cured ham, sandwich with a savory topping, choux pastry filled with smoked salmon, piece of cake, macaroon, friandise and a pot of tea



Lemon pie with meringue  4.95
Coconut pie with yogurt and rhubarb frosting 4.95
White chocolate cheesecake with fresh mint  4.95
Silky chocolate cake with rosmary  4.95
Mississippi mud cake with a cream of vanilla and terragon  4.95
Warm soufflé of dark chocolate with thyme honey, strawberries and sorbet ice cream of fruit from our kitchen garden  6.50
  • Our vegetables and fruit come mainly from our own vegetable garden
  • We support foundation Adopt a chicken so all our eggs are organic
  • We work with products of the Ark van de SmaakSlowFood

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Gartine – Delicate high tea at the city centre of Amsterdam

Gartine serves various delicious high teas. Choosing between sweet and savoury, everyone can fill their needs at Gartine. At Gartine we work with fresh and homemade products only. Our variety of high teas differ between light, healthy, delicious savoury and sweet dishes. The soup, sandwiches, cupcake’s, cakes and other dishes are all freshly prepared in the kitchen.
Get unlimited tea and a delicious and broad variety of fresh made sweets and savoury treats. Gartine is known as one of the high tea hotspots in the centre of Amsterdam. Our aim is to use as much organically grown vegetables and fruit from our own big kitchen garden.
It’s in the taste! Our dishes have a very special unique flavour, no dishes you can find in any other restaurants in Amsterdam.


We use as many organically grown vegetables and fruit from our large vegetable garden as possible. And you can taste it!


Afternoon tea in Amsterdam

We start at 6 in the morning at Gartine with preparing the best cakes, cupcakes, chocolates, quiche and soup for a lovely afternoon tea with family, friends or colleagues.
Our guests tell us it’s one of the nicest places in Amsterdam to enjoy a high tea. At Gartine you can walk in for a high tea alone or with company. Located in the city centre our restaurant is truly one of the best places to escape the hectic shopping streets and relax and sit down for a well-prepared afternoon tea.
We recommend you to make a reservation to be sure of a spot, if not you might have to wait a while.