welkom to gartine

Dear guests,

Although we have a small terrace we are open again from the 28th, also for take away!

(temporary opening hours due to covid-19, see above)

Our lunch menu for the coming period (take away and terrace) is slightly smaller than normal, but as soon as we are allowed to fully open inside, you can order from our extensive menu again.

Below you will find our temporary menu and we hope to welcome everyone again with great pleasure from the 28th!

Willem-Jan, Kirsten, Willemijn, Marciana en Myriam



Soup made of this morning's harvest from our spring vegetable garden served with truffle oil  € 6.50 (vegan)

Sourdough bread topped with a spread of old Gouda cheese, caramelized onions, popped garlic, radishes, cress and lettuce        € 8.50

Sourdough bread topped with a cream of smoked mackerel, lovage creamcheese, pickled sweet and sour green asparagus and lettuce € 9.50

Sourdough bread topped with a spicy spread of peas, (vegan) fata, sunflower seeds, dates, flat chives and lettuce € 7.75 (vegan)

Sourdough bread topped with Tyrolean bacon, creamy celery, roasted nuts, muscat grapes, basil and lettuce  € 8.50

Pearl couscous with fresh garden herbs, Blue D'Auvergne, zucchini, yellow pepper and a rosemary dressing  € 8.50

Coconut pie with yogurt and a rhubarb topping € 4.95

Dutch buttercake with orange, lemon, nuts and blueberries  € 4.95

Banana chocolate cake with a peanut vanilla creamcheese  € 4.95 

Various homemade jams made from pure vegetable garden fruit      € 5.50 


We are currently being asked by everyone how best to help us through this time, so heartwarming!

You would help us more than by ordering a gift voucher, it is also an option to order our cookbook. € 26 incl. shipping costs

Both the request for ordering our cookbook or a gift certificate, you can use the order list under the heading cookbook.


Gartine is situated in the heart of the city centre of Amsterdam:


Taksteeg 7
Telephone: +31 20 320 41 32

UIt is only possible to book a table via telephone, we do not accept reservation via email.

Opening hours:

Wednesday till Saturday from 09.00 - 17.00 (kitchen closes at 16.00)

and Sunday from 09.00 till 16.00.